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Varicose Veins and Spider Veins
Patient Information on Varicose Veins [American College of Phlebology]
Varicose Veins Information Leaflet [DOCTOR]
Varicose Veins Article [MayoClinic.com]
Varicose Veins Entry | Topic Listing [MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia]
The VNUS Closure Procedure for Varicose Vein Treatment [VNUS]
New Endovascular Treatments in Varicose Vein Surgery [VascularWeb]


Laparoscopic Surgery
On the Colon and/or Rectum [SAGES]
For Inguinal (Groin) Hernias [SAGES]
For Adrenal Gland Removal [SAGES]
On the Spleen [SAGES]
GERD (Anti-reflux surgery, surgery for heartburn) [SAGES]
Screening Colonoscopy [SAGES]
Gallbladder Removal [SAGES]


Renal Dialysis A.V. Fistulas and Catheters
Patient resources for Renal Dialysis A.V.Fistulas and Catheters (pdf) [Fistula First]
Kidney Patient Videos [Vascular Access]
AV Fistula Cannulation Resources [Fistula First]


More Patient Information
Common Vascular Conditions, Tests And Treatments [VascularWeb]
Patient Education [American College of Surgeons]
When You Need an Operation [American College of Surgeons]
ICU issues and Answers Brochures [MyICUCare]
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